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Demountable solutions for interior architecture

Maars has the answer to every question and a solution for every budget. All our partitioning systems offer almost unlimited variations and combinations, they lend themselves perfectly to custom-made designs.




Maars | metaline  

partitioning systems

Timeless elegance. There is no better way of describing our Metaline partitioning system. It is a system that gives every interior a smooth, elegant appearance.

It remains, first and foremost, a pleasure to look at.


Maars | string 2  

partitioning systems

To create the perfection of tomorrow. To create a partitioning system that’s ready for a workplace that has yet to be delivered. 

A system that offers the highest possible standard in terms of efficiency, economy, durability, versatility, working pleasure and aesthetic quality.

Maars | intersign partitioning systems


When you choose for the Maars intersign partitioning system, you will choose for: Durable quality, style and flexibility. For almost an infinite possibilities.

The partitioning system offers great design freedom and makes almost every form of structure possible.


Maars | styleline partitioning systems


The crème de la crème of partitioning systems in the styleline range providing a smooth, flawless finish with elegant detail, and of course, like all the styleline
range, finesse is simplicity itself to move and reuse.


Maars | string partitioning systems


Why a String? You might well ask yourself why we chose this name for a partioning system. Until, that is, you get to know the system a little better and take a closer look at its exceptional design.

Then everything suddenly becomes clear. You see its beautifully moulded, thin contours. The refined, subtle


Maars | panorama partitioning systems


To combine ultimate transparency with flexibility. With this system Maars introduces the first full glass partition that combines maximum transparency with the flexibility of a real re locatable partition system.

A system that seamlessly connects to the existing range of Maars products.


Maars | glassline partitioning systems

glassline Transparency is here to stay in the concept of the modern day office and Maars can meet such design requirements in a single glazed solution where by the glass is flush mounted in a vertical direction. There are endless combinations: corridor walls in full glass with revolving doors and/or sliding doors, with or without frames. Compatibility with other Maars systems has, of course
been fully considered and made possible.



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